What Up & Welcome!

A few things you should know about me going in...

No. 1: I'm from Jersey

On a personal level...

I'm obsessed with dogs (mine + other peoples)

I LOVE BASKETBALL (I'm a little bit more than a little bit competitive)

I dabble on the ukulele

My martinis should be gin not vodka

Please don't tell me all country songs sound the same

It's Friday night, gimme tickets to a new play in an intimate black box theatre

On the professional level...

I'm drawn to lost and troubled characters who are at a critical crossroads or turning point in their lives. Chasing one thing, running from something else.

*They also tend to self medicate and love a good love        .


I write. I act. I live that voice over life.

& I'm about to embark on my first producing journey since college.