What Up & Welcome!


I'm Elissa!

which pronounced el-issa NOT EEE-lissa, Elise, Elsie or Alice.

   (clearly still dealing with some nursery school name tag trauma)

ATHLETE TO ARTIST -- I was raised in Jersey by a coach and a teacher, so I guess you can say I like to win and I've always been obsessed with teamwork. Whether on the basketball court where I spent most of my childhood, or in writer's rooms or on film sets, I believe wherever you are, you're part of a team and if you work hard and execute, with the faith that your job is an integral piece of a larger puzzle, you will be effective, and you will make it to whatever championship you're playing for.

I left the nest and I got my B.S. in Video Production from Ithaca College's Park School of Communications, with minors in scriptwriting and theatre, while being a 4 year varsity basketball player and two year captain. My junior year I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be an actor, and concurrently completed a 2 year Meisner program at The Actor's Workshop of Ithaca before moving to NYC to pursue acting full time.


I've spent the past 7 years studying script,

technique, voice work, physical work,

and improv while acting professionally,

all in preparation to produce my first tv series.




It's a marathon not a sprint and I'm always

on the hunt for my next creative championship.

                               .......or a walk with my dogs.


EVK bball.jpg